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(Payment Card Industry)

PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to any organization that stores, processes, and/or transmits cardholder data. If your business accepts credit cards, PCI DSS applies to you. We help you complete your PCI information to make sure your compliant at all times.


(European MasterCard Visa)

An EMV card reader can take your business to the next level through improved customer service by offering fast and secure checkouts.  Being EMV compliant also means fewer chargebacks for your business because you won’t be liable for purchases made with counterfeit cards. So with Quick Chip EMV card readers, your customers will be happy to insert their card for just two seconds. Happier customers, higher revenue. It’s a win-win.



DataGuardian is a complete program that offers customer data protection, service that helps businesses prevent, as well as quickly recover from, a data breach. Our suite of compliance and security features protects your business in the event of a breach while helping you stay compliant and aware of potential vulnerabilities.

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Why We Exist

Global 1 Solutions is a local payments technology company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Our goal is to create Synergy while Reducing the risk and headaches associated with credit card processing.

We exist to change the way payments are accepted and to be advocates for businesses nationwide. Integrity and Transparency, sets the foundation for everything we do. We take great pride in our Customer Centric Culture.

Benefits of working with G1 Solutions

• No Contracts
• No hidden cost, junk fees, no suprises
• Local company means local support
• Simple Transparent Statements


Fitchburg Cycles, Fitchburg, WI

“I consider Merchant Services AKA Credit Card Processors, very murky water. There are so many variables that make it very confusing. And in my business 95% of my sales are credit card! After working with Derrick and switching over to Global 1 Solutions the results were crystal clear, My Merchant Services costs were less than the year before despite in increase of 14% in sales! Global 1 And Derek have provided me with exceptional service and saved me money, Nuff Said!”


Simply Swimming, Madison, WI

“We were initially working with a very large processor . . . Our previous processor was difficult to get in touch with and never seemed to be working in our interest.  Derrick immediately proved he and his company were different.  . . Our experience after switching processors has been phenomenal.  Derrick has made himself available for any questions or issues that come up. Bottom line, he provides us an excellent level of service AND saves us a bunch of money on our credit card processing each month.  Given the opportunity, we absolutely recommend working with Derrick and Global 1 Solutions for all your processing needs.  You won’t regret switching over!”


Sa Bai Thong Restaurant, Madison, WI

“I am very pleased with excellent customer service from Global 1 Solutions!”

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